What Titleist Golf Driver is the Best?

If you’re looking to find out what Titleist golf driver is the best then I guess you love to drive the ball like I do, as far as humanly possible. At the time of writing I would say in my opinion that the 909D Comp is the best Titelist golf driver. My buddy uses it all the time, but it’s not what I use.

So what Titleist golf driver do I use, I hear you saying! The truth is I don’t, but I still manage to outdrive most other people with my old battered driver that has been through the wars!

Imagine how satisfying it is do drive the golf ball a lot further than most of the other people at the range or on the course. That’s what I achieve now. The thing is I never used to be able to drive that far no matter what driver I used. The 909D Titleist didn’t help me.

One of the pros at the range showed me a video of Eric Jones the former World Long Drive Senior Champion. I had never heard of the guy and I had no idea there was even a long drive competition. When you see him drive the golf ball you’ll understand how excited I became. I suddenly had a new hero to try and emulate. He gives a whole new meaning to the words ‘distance drive’.

The best thing is, Eric is a trained instructor that knows how to each normal people to emulate his massive drives, and he doesn’t use a Titleist golf driver in case you were wondering!

It’s impossible to explain in words. You really have to see Eric strike the ball to understand what I’m talking about.