What Makes Golf Popular?

Golf was initially played in Scotland, thousands of years ago and has evolved since then to become of of today’s most exciting sports. It is an excellent game that continues to attract men and women as players and spectators from different countries. The whole objective of the game is to complete a 9 hole or 18 hole course and get the golf ball into each hole, using the least number of strokes.

The challenge of the game is to maintain one’s concentration and to know which putter or club to use that will result to getting the ball into the hole. It is also in the precise calculation of the distance between where the player is standing, where his golf ball is and how far the distance is between his ball and the next golf hole.

Each hole in a 9 or 18 hole course poses different challenges to the players, because no two holes are constructed alike and the distances between each holes can stretch for long distances. This tests the player’s resiliency, focus and endurance especially when the game is held under the extreme heat of the sun. A well seasoned golf player will know which club, putter or driver to use in order to get the ball into the hole that he is aiming for.

Golf can be played in different ways. It may be a match play which means the person who gets his ball into each hole of the course using the least strokes wins the game. On the other hand, if the game is what is called the stableford points, the players with the most number of points wins the game. When the criteria for winning is the least number of strokes it takes a player to finish the whole course, then it is called a stroke play.

Because of the growing popularity of the sports, winners of annual international golf competitions have easily become celebrities, like Tiger Woods. Golf game winners have become product endorsers for top commercial merchandise, which not only help them become more popular, but has also increased the interest of the public in golf.

Golf is an exciting game that will continue to be popular as spectator interest for it builds up. It is not only an interesting game, but can be considered a healthy form of exercise, because of the walking that is an essential part of the game.