What is Golf Specific Stretching Exercise?

You may have heard the term golf specific stretching…but what is the difference between this type of stretching and general stretching you see in all the books? Is there such a thing as golf specific stretching?

Golf specific stretching is performed very much like your golf swing, but in phases, to isolate restricted areas that may be causing swing faults and possible injury.

Breaking down you golf swing into golf posture; halfway back; full backswing; halfway down; halfway through; and all the way to the finish is a simple way to implement specific stretches that will help your golf swing.

Implementing 1-2 stretches per phase mentioned above would give you the greatest chance at improving your golf swing mechanics and reducing muscular stress and strain in those areas.

An example of this approach is for your golf posture. The main muscle under stress in your golf posture is your hamstrings. Weak and tight hamstrings send a message to your brain to “bail out” and remove this stress.

By stretching your hamstrings with a dynamic golf specific stretching exercise like a toe touch with your club will greatly improve your hamstring flexibility and golf posture.

This is just one example of how you can implement simple golf specific stretching exercises into a daily routine. These stretches can be done in your home, or even office.