What is Golf Etiquette?

What is golf etiquette, the strict rules that golfers have? The basis for golf etiquette is more than manners; consider the safety of all golfers on the course.

Golf Etiquette Manners

Respect other players on the course and keep pace with the group ahead. Be prepared for your turn; do not make anyone wait for you. Never intimidate a beginner golfer, keep your thoughts to yourself. Be quiet when golfer swings and no shouting following the shot. Watch your shadow is not cast in another golfers putting line. No walk through a golfers putting line, step over or walk around, shoe prints will affect the path of the golf ball. Take a couple golf clubs when walking from your cart to the ball, this saves time. Do not spend a lot of time looking for your lost ball. Wave the group behind to allow them to go ahead. Leave the course as you found it and repair divots.

Golf Etiquette Rules for Safety

Be aware of everyone on the course. Make sure group is well ahead of your range before hitting the ball. Never swing in the direction of another player, debris on the course could fly towards a player and cause injury. Yell “fore” if you have a wild ball. Never throw your clubs; this has caused injury and worse. Drive golf cart carefully, keep away from greens and hazards. Adults drive cart with feet inside and observe safety instructions. Watch the weather and your alcohol intake.