What Do Golf Pros Do to Have a Proper Stance For Golf Swing?

In golf game, in order for you to hit a proper golf shots you will need to adopt a proper stance for golf swing. All professional golfers are aware that a perfect swing is coming from a quality stances which enable them to hit the ball straight and far. To master proper stance for golf swing you will need to understand the followings:

Different Golf Club Will Have Different Stance

First of all you need to understand that there is no set rule of thumb for a proper stance for everybody. Depending on individual, some golfers will prefer wide stance and some will prefer a narrow stance. However, ideally, when you use iron club number 7, the proper stance for golf swing will depend on the width of your shoulder. This stance will vary as you use different type of clubs. The longer the golf club, the narrow your stance it should be. Your stance should not be any different from this general rule unless you have some special case that could not be avoided.

Your Golf Club Alignment During The Stance

As you have addressed your stance properly according to the club that you’re using, it is also important to make sure that your club face is aligned straight to the target. This alignment will help you to hit a straight golf shot as when you hit the ball from the backswing to the downswing. Also to remember that your feet and shoulder should be square to the target line for the proper stance for golf swing.

By understanding this principles should be able to help you to improve your stance and alignment. This is the basic idea which you should adopt every time you’re taking a shot. This could determine you to achieve a proper swing. Simply practice the proper stance for the golf swing principle and you will see a lot of improvement in your shot!

If you are serious in improving your golf swing, please pay attention to this:

By taking time to practice and apply the proven golf swing instruction can drastically improve the way you play your golf game.