What Can Golf Instruction Professionals Do For You?

For anyone that has played golf for sometime, by now, you know that the game of golf can be, quite frankly, one of the most frustrating games ever – yet one of the most rewarding as well. Think back to an instance in which you’ve just hit a spectacular shot only to chunk it, slice it or hook it then very next time you hit the ball. This can be summed up in one word – FRUSTRATING Thankfully today’s golfers of all skill levels can improve their games immensely with the help of golf instruction professionals.

So what exactly do golf instruction professionals help you with? Teaching pros help you by showing you the proper stance to use with each club and for different types of shots. The biggest complaint with amateur golfers is they cannot hit the ball straight and with much consistency. In fact, over 85 percent of all golfers today slice the ball regularly. Your pro will help show you the correct way to swing the club from the takeaway to the follow through. The short game is where the magic of golf happens. If you learn how to putt and chip properly you can save immediately on average of 8 to 10 strokes each round! And of course your teaching pros help teach you the short game as well. Soon you will be playing better more enjoyable golf.

Golf instruction professionals help golfers out through a variety of mediums. Back before the internet was as big as it is today you really only had the option of meeting with your teaching pro out at your local club or driving range. Today you have a lot more options. There are a number of golf pros that have written golf instruction e-books that help golfers achieve their goals. The beauty of an e-book is it can cover a lot more information than you could get with a teaching pro in just a one hour lesson and the cost is a definite plus as well. Face-to-face lessons with a golf instruction professional, while invaluable, can be a burden on some golfer’s wallets. An e-book can help you save money, but let you cover a lot more material for less money and let you learn at your own pace.

As a golfer myself I would recommend for a pure beginner to the game to seek out a golf instruction professional in their area. While golf instructional e-books are great it is much easier for beginning golfers to have some face-to-face experience with a pro. With that said I would highly recommend golf instructional e-books to more seasoned/intermediate players as they have a little bit more of a background and understanding.