Three Basic Golf Tips to Fix Hook Shots

Next to the golf slice, the golf hook is the most frustrating bad shot that golfers want to eliminate from their game. But what are golf hooks exactly? These are golf shots that fly to the right of your target. And here are some of the most effective ways to prevent hitting golf hooks instead of straight golf shots:

1) Better Positioning of Club Grip

A wrong and weak grip can substantially lower the quality of your golf game. Grips that are turned extensively to the right will turn the face of the club to the left during the swing and will produce a hook shot.
So if you are hooking your shots, turn your hand a little in the counter-clockwise direction. Try turning your grip in different degrees and see which one works for you.

And although there is no single exact grip configuration that is perfect for everyone, your grip should not stray far away from the fundamentals.

To check your grip, experts recommend looking at the number of knuckles that you can see in your leading hand. There should only be two visible knuckles. Moreover, maintain a firm but not too tight grip to be able to main shot control and accuracy.

2) Check Target Alignment of Your Stance and Golf Club

Make sure that you visualize a line from the ball to your target so that your golf club is aligned to the ball, while your feet, knees, hips, and shoulders are aligned to the golf club and parallel to the target line.

3) Check Body Movement during Golf Swing

There are two body movements during your golf swing which may also be causing the hooked golf shots and these are: too much or too fast arm rotation during the backswing and over-striking the golf ball. And to overcome golf hooks resulting from over-striking the ball, do golf drills that focus on building accurate short shots.

So get rid of hook shots in your golf game by making corrections in your golf fundamentals and by practicing golf drills. Always check your club grip if you are making erroneous shots. By making an effort to do these 3 simple things, you will be able to enjoy your golf game more.