The Golf Academy Trend is Unique

Thousands of students enroll in a golf academy every year. Millions of bright young people around the world enroll in colleges and universities to get an education they hope will enrich their lives and help them to start a successful career. All of these students are enhancing their career potential. However, students enrolled at a golf school are taking particular advantage of a relatively new entry into the college market. The oldest golf college in the United States has been providing accredited degrees for less than forty years while there have been traditional colleges in the U.S. for over three hundred years.

What makes golf academies such a unique choice compared to more traditional colleges or universities? They are the only colleges that are formally recognized and accredited that offer Associates Degrees or Bachelors Degrees that focus solely on a particular sport. There are no baseball academies or football academies that focus on providing students with a quality college education while improving the students’ baseball or football skills.

Why are there golf academies when no other sports have led to the establishment of colleges? It’s partly because golf is by far the most popular sport in the United States in terms of participation. It’s also the only sport that most people continue to play throughout their entire lives. You can start young and keep playing golf for your whole life.

Another reason golf academies have become so popular is because they fill a genuine need in the work force. Golf is big business, creating over $75 billion in revenue each year, which is far more than Hollywood or the recording industries. With so much riding on the golf industry, properly educated golf professionals are crucial to keeping an enormous industry running smoothly.

Golf is linked to business more intimately than is any other sport. Business executives around the world regularly schedule a round of golf in order to close the deal, break down barriers, get to know potential clients or partners, and even to raise funds for charity. Having a degree from a golf academy will enable you to step into any number of careers because it not only teaches you the game; it teaches you how to run a business, coordinate an event or manage a golf course.

How does a golf academy offer something unique that can’t be found at most other colleges or universities? It offers in-depth education in four distinct aspects of golf as a business in addition to the core courses required at any college. Those four areas are marketing, business management, the game of golf and golf technical skills.

Business management and marketing are crucial skills that can carry you into almost any industry, but at a golf academy you will focus on managing and marketing a golf business. This prepares you to launch yourself into a career that is directly linked to the game you love. Technical courses will teach you the science of golf from the ground up, including how to repair clubs and properly care for greens. A background in the history and rules of golf will ensure you can talk knowledgeably about the game in any situation. And finally, your game will improve measurably to personalized instruction from some of the best pros in the sport. That’s something you can’t find for any other sport in a college or university setting.