Golf 101 – Determining Your Golf Handicap For Sets Golf

There are a lot of things about the game of golf that a beginner needs to know. Some of them are that they have different kinds of complete golf sets, golf club types and lots of rules and details about the game. One of the games interesting information and every beginner needs to know is the rule about golf handicap.

Golf handicap in the game for starters is not something like an injury. It is defined as a numerical measure of an amateur golfer’s playing skill that is based on the tees that he or she has played for a given course.This is averaged out of 10 rounds of golf at your local courses or where you play most.

A golf handicap is then used to calculate a net score from the number of strokes a particular player has played thus allowing players of different skill to play against each other on an equal level.

The handicap rule of golf is administered by national golf associations and golf clubs and varies from country to country.The rule is not used in professional golf. At home course handicap, you must be a member of your local club and registered with the PGA. This is where you will establish your handicap. It is then used with an automated system that tracks your scores to establish your handicap as you play. The average man player is a handicap of 25 and for women it is 28. A good golfer is anything below a 20 handicap.0 is a scratch golfer handicap.Posting your score every time you play is important to establish your handicap.

A sand bagger is one who plays better than there handicap, this usually is from not posting there scores each time they play. In order to play tournament golf you need to be a member of PGA where you join at your local golf course club. As you establish your handicap and level of golf this will help you in choosing the right type of golf club sets for your game.

Some terms used in the rule handicap index this is the official handicap that was established through USGA sanctioned golf club. It represents how many shots over par a particular player has potential to shoot. Meanwhile a course handicap is the number of strokes a player can execute on a given course. Then a course rating is about the average score that half of the scratch golfers shall make on a given course.

A slope rating is the number that represents the relative difficulty of a given course for the bogey golfer. This number ranges from 55 to 155. A bogey golfer is one who plays one over par on strokes on average per hole.

An equitable stroke control is the method that is used to determine how many strokes played on a hole based on your course handicap that will count towards your adjusted gross score.

The adjusted gross score is the total number of strokes played after permitting for equitable stroke control.

Net score is the adjusted gross score minus your personal course handicap and the sand bagger is the player who does not post all his best scores thus only leading to a greater handicap than one should have.

You can determine your golf handicap by playing at least 10 to 20 rounds at a sanctioned USGA course. You also have to follow the equitable stroke control rules and you are not allowed to post a score that is greater than a 10 on any hole.

This should help you understand the basics of handicap for golf, for further understanding play some golf at your local course and join as a member where the club will get you established with your handicap , no matter what your golf level is.