Five Easy to Follow Steps on How to Calculate Golf Handicap

Are you interested in learning how to calculate golf handicap? If yes, then, firstly you have to understand what exactly golf handicap is? The term ‘handicap index’ is basically used to explain an individual golfer’s best abilities to score with regard to par. It actually allows players of varying skills to play against each other on level playing course. As far as the calculation of golf handicap is concerned, for players who belong to any golf-club, the club they join will takes care of that, mostly through Golf Handicap Information Network (GHIN) system. The casual players who do not have any access to such networks might also want to know how to calculate handicap for them.

Here Are Given Simple, Easy-To-Follow Steps on How to Calculate Golf Handicap

In order to know how to calculate golf handicap, one should play minimum of five rounds of 18 holes golf (no more than twenty rounds). The raters take Gross Score for each of rounds, in addition to some basic information about golf course the players are presently playing on, and run golf handicap through a formula established by the USGA (United States Golf Association)

The two important things you should know are slop rating and course rating of the golf-course in question; you can find these on the scoreboard of the course. Both numbers vary depending upon which tee one is playing at; higher number means more difficult golf-course. Also, the Slope Rating is always greater than Course Rating, not only because ‘bogey golfers’ are not so skilled, but due to the fact that they perform even worse as the difficulty level of course increases.

Mathematical Formula on How to Calculate Golf Handicap

Step – 1: Compute the ‘handicap differentials’ for every round, which can be calculated as:

Handicap differentials = ((total number of stroke – course rating) * 113) / slope rating, where the number ‘113’ refers to average slop-rating.

Step – 2: Determine lowest usable differential: Based upon how many golfing rounds of 18 holes golf is are going to test (5 to 20), he will be permitted to discard some bad rounds.

Step – 3: Find out average of lowest handicap differential: Calculating the average is quite easy; just add up and divide result by total number of differential you put into use.

Step – 4: Now, multiply result by 0.96: The number 0.96 lowers down value a bit, and helps you enhance the game of golf by reducing the handicap.

Step – 5: Lastly, Drop all of decimal places, with the exception of tenth place. Just leave it as it is.

The resultant number will be your golf handicap index, as calculated by USGA.

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Knowing how to calculate handicap is a simple five step process that almost any golfer can carry out.

Happy golfing